Frequently Asked Questions


How can I license Body Models & Technologies?

We have the following Models & Technologies available for licensing:

    • SMPL / SMPL+H / SMPL-X: Body models

    • MANO: Hand-only model

    • SMPLify-X: image to body estimation software

    • PROX: RGB-D to body estimation software

    • VIBE: Bodies from images using a pre-trained Neural Net

These are available on an annual subscription basis and we have special pricing options available for startups too. You can find the pricing details here. If you do not find what you are looking for or if you would like to review the licensing terms, please contact us here.

Do I receive any updates with the Model & Technology licenses?

With the annual license subscriptions for models and technologies, we may send updates from time to time based on the latest research.

Are male and female models included in the Body Model licenses?

Yes, the body model licenses include male, female and gender-neutral models.

Do the Body & Hand Models include training data?

No, but you can purchase the data used to train the models at our licensing page here.

How can I license 3D Body Datasets?

We have several 3D Scan and Mocap datasets available for licensing. You can find the pricing details here.

What is included in the SMPL Model license?

The SMPL-Model includes the following software components:

    • Template Mesh: a 3D mesh that defines the 3D topology (e.g. number of vertices, polygons, skeleton joints) used by the SMPL-Model.

    • Shape Components: 300 Identity-dependent shape descriptors represented as vectors of concatenated vertex offsets from the Template Mesh.

    • Pose Components: 207 Pose-dependent shape descriptors represented as vectors of concatenated vertex offsets from the Template Mesh.

    • Model Software: software to provide functionality to load the Shape and Pose Components, and a parametric function that uses the Components to generate 3D human meshes with varying identities in different poses.

Is there any difference between the academic version of the SMPL model that is available online to researchers and the version provided by the commercial license?

Both versions are the same except that the academic version right now only provides up to 16 body shape components, while the commercial version provides the full shape component space (300 components).

Where can I find more information about the SMPL model add-ons (Bodies from measurements and measurements from bodies)?

You can find more information about the process and accuracy of these methods here.

Do I need to license additional datasets in order to use the SMPL Model?

The SMPL model is standalone. As long as you have the SMPL model license, you can use the model on its own. The model itself contains aggregate data from different datasets and uses these datasets to generate bodies. The datasets mentioned on our website are separate items that we also provide licenses for but not required by the SMPL Model. The datasets and SMPL model are not interdependent.

Do I need additional licenses to distribute the output bodies of SMPL to customers?

No, while the statistical model itself will have to be licensed by you for commercial use, the output bodies (animated FBX files and/or OBJ body meshes) will be free to distribute under the SMPL-Body Creative Commons license available here

Where can I find documentation for the SMPL Model?

You can find documentation in the downloads section of the SMPL Model publication page here (you should register first).

Do I need additional licenses in order to license human body estimation technologies?

Yes, the SMPL Model license is required in order to license SMPLify-X, VIBE and PROX. You can find the pricing details here. The OpenPose license is required in order to license SMPLify-X and PROX. It is provided by CMU. You can find pricing details here.

Do you provide a license for AMASS dataset?

Since AMASS combines various datasets, a subset of these datasets is already available for sublicensing from Meshcapade at our licensing page here. For a few other datasets, we provide a MoSh service (automatic mocap fitting). For more information about the MoSh service, please contact us on

Can I get a trial license to evaluate your technology?

Yes, we provide a 30 day trial license for internal evaluation purposes for our body models and technologies.

Is perpetual licensing available?

Perpetual licensing is only available for enterprise customers at the moment. For more info about pricing for perpetual licensing, please contact us on

I need to use one of your models/technologies for non commercial purposes. Do I still need a license?

You do not need a license for non-commercial research, education, and artistic purposes only.


What exactly is the API?

The API is a digital human cloud platform for creating animation-ready avatars from scans, hand-measurements, and more. You can find out more details about it here.

How can I license the API?

We offer different pricing options and packages for the API. For more information, please check our licensing page here. If you have higher volumes of data, please contact us on

What am I allowed to do with the generated avatars? Can I share it with my users?

The output files are free for all uses under SMPL Body license here.

How is security being handled for the API?

You can review our Privacy Policy here.

Is your API available as an offline solution/SDK?

This is not available yet but we’re working on packaging it up as an SDK without needing access to the internet. In the meantime you can check our direct technologies here.

Is your API available on a mobile application?

Yes, the API is built on a REST API architecture so you can connect to it via mobile applications or desktop. However, we do not have any mobile apps at the moment.

Is there a trial for the API?

When you choose the pay as you go option, you receive 10 Free credits on initial sign up that you can use to try out the API.

Is there a sample output for the API?

Yes, we have some sample outputs for our bodies-from-scans and bodies-from-measurements API. Please contact us on to share these sample files with you.

Consultation services

What are consultation services?

Consultation services are services that we provide in order to help you create custom body models if you have collected your own data or have specialised demographics. If you have some specific needs for your project, please get in touch with us on

How can I get a quotation for consultation services?

Please contact us on with a description of your project and we will provide you with a quotation.